What is Shopify Inspector?

Shopify Inspector is an index of shops, apps, tools, and products and a browser extension that reveals it. Shopify Inspector is available for Google Chrome on Mac or Windows PC.

How much does Shopify Inspector cost?

During this initial launch period, Shopify Inspector is available in limited release at no cost to marketers and shop owners like you.

Where do you get the data from?

Shopify Inspector analyzes signals from every store and matches them against known artifacts put together by our researchers to identify properties about a site. Kind of like “BuiltWith” but for Shopify stores.

Can you remove my site/tool from your index?

Shopify Inspector indexes as many tools, sites, and apps in the Shopify community as it can. There is no specific information about yours or anybody’s site that isn’t already available to the public. Shopify Inspector just organizes it into a view that helps developers and shop owners like you do research.

If you still want your site or tool removed from the index, contact us.