Enterprise Pro Plan

App Leaderboards, Usage Trends, and Sales Insights

Deep Insight into the Shopify Ecosystem

Shopify Inspector’s Enterprise Pro Plan offers an unparalleled look into stores across the Shopify platform, including sales metrics, app usage, and product trends.

App Usage Trends

See how Shopify apps and tools usage changes on a weekly basis

Advanced Store Search

Search for stores across Shopify based on sales, traffic, product creation, and app usage

Multi-Store Product Search

Search for products across all Shopify stores using a number of criteria

Traffic Breakdown

See where stores are getting their traffic

Full Catalog of Apps

Track the usage of more than 3,000 apps and tools, updated weekly

App Leaderboards

Fastest growing, largest by category, best-in-class metrics, top new apps

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Rates start at $499 per month.