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Subscribe to Shopify stores to uncover premium market data, including the revenue and unit sales for the store and for top selling products in the past 7 days.

Shopify Inspector: Reveal plugins, bestsellers, and recent pro…

Shopify Inspector reveals the plugins, bestsellers, recent orders, and newly added products for any store you visit.

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The Ultimate Shopify Intelligence Tool

To beat the competition, you must understand your competition. Shopify Inspector reveals secrets for any store you visit.


Track Competitors

Dissect Shopify stores as you visit them using our browser plugin. No more digging through source code or typing different urls.


Identify Trends

See what’s working. Learn what new products are being added to the catalog and which products are selling the best.


Discover Apps

Discover the apps used by the most successful shops. Find the powerful tools you didn’t know you needed.


Discover all the information you need about a store, with just one click.

Top Selling Products in Past Week

Have you ever wondered what people are buying right now?

Reveal true revenue and unit sales figures for the past week for any store. Find out what’s actually selling now.

Theme & Product Details

Love the look of the store? Get a direct link to download the theme.

Want to learn more about a product or collection? Uncover hidden and useful product information like inventory, vendor, fulfillment, launch date and more.

Store Insights

Want to know if a store is adding more products? An increase in new products often reveals what items are selling well.

Our charts tell you exactly when products are launched, and what tags are showing success.

Recently Launched Products

Uncover a store’s growth strategy with a single click. In a clear and simple layout, see thumbnails and titles of the most recently launched products.

One-Click Bestsellers

Shopify Inspector is a Chrome browser plugin that offers insights on Shopify stores as you visit them.

View a store’s bestselling products with a single click. No more digging through source code or typing different urls.

Apps & Tools

Shopify apps and third party tools are often the “secret sauce” for the most successful stores. Discover the apps you didn’t even know you needed to perfect your own secret sauce.

See exactly what apps and tools are being used, along with a way to install them directly.

Reveal the apps and tools used to improve marketing, sales, customer support, and analytics.

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“Shopify Inspector lets me find competitors and make sure I’m one step ahead.”
“The only way to find out what’s ACTUALLY selling on other Shopify sites. Shopify Inspector is a must-have!”

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